Libra Money Horoscope

Libra Money Horoscope for today, 8 March 2021. Check your money luck and improve your cashflow.

Money luck for today, 8 March 2021

Certainly, today Libra makes money luck for tomorrow. As a result, it makes money luck for next week and month.

Five days after Mars left your financial sector, the Moon forms a friendly aspect to Uranus, who is staying on to keep the momentum going. This is a chance to check in and regroup for after eight weeks of Mars fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit while things have dialled back is no way that Uranus will let you go back to a state of complacency. Libra Money Horoscope

Money for tomorrow, 9 March 2021

As long as money never sleeps, root of tomorrow's money success of Libra in daily efforts for business.

Thanks to the Moon's friendly aspect to Uranus yesterday, you have a better read on his first full week back on his own in your financial sector after Mars left last week. Uranus had been the sole planet here for the second half of 2020 but after Mars has spent the last eight weeks fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit there is a chance to get a read on your new normal.

Even if money is not everything in the Life, this is important part to success as well!

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Weekly Libra horoscope

Raise your cashflow with weekly money horoscope! Because Money have no holidays, even for Libra.

A combination of Mars' departure from your financial sector last Thursday and the Moon's from your income sector a day later has defused what may have been a tense few days on both sides of the financial fence. While Mars left before the Moon could clash, just being on the other side of the sky and drawing close to an opposition would have seen the heat rise, something that will have added fuel to Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit. Mars' departure defused the tension and with the Moon staying on, this was a chance to give income matters some much needed attention. The Moon has moved on but a friendly aspect to Uranus in your financial sector will not only restore your financial confidence but will add fuel to where this has already turned into motivation. The fact that the Moon goaded Mars in his final days in your financial sector has left you with a better sense of what you are fighting for and even more determined to take your financial power back.

Money horoscope for March 2021

In any case Libra have to plan financial stability. This is the key to success in March 2021.

With the Sun not returning to your financial sector until next month, you are still a month away from the solar spotlight turning onto your financial situation and money matters, something that happens at this time every year. However, unlike most years you have not had to wait this long to get things moving on the financial front as that began two months ago. This was thanks to Mars' return to your financial sector on 7th January, for what should have been a six week visit. However, still travelling at a slower speed after his retrograde phase last year, the warrior planet of the cosmos won't leave your financial sector until 4th March. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury returning next month to begin your annual financial review, you still have the normal annual quota of planetary support to look forward to, with Mars' time here a bonus. This also takes the pressure off Mars to finish what he starts and instead, is allowing him to instead focus on fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit, as he gives you the confidence to take your financial power back. Mars spent the final days of February at a friendly aspect to Pluto. The planets of war and revolution are brother planets and this has helped to add more fuel to your financial passions and fighting spirit. The intensity will dial back when Mars leaves and knowing that a new round of planetary activity will begin next month that will allow you to build on from what has already been established, this will be a chance to let things settle. The Moon's return from 16th March to 19th March will be a valuable chance to check in. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity in your income sector, the Moon's two visits will create the most potentially lucrative days of the month. The first visit, from 3rd March to 5th March especially so with the Sun and Venus, the planet of money in your work sector at the time. The Moon will return for a second visit on 30th March, where it will see out the month.

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